iDEAlliance与中国印刷技术研究院(CAPT)建立iDEAlliance China项目,推广G7印刷认证工作

今年9月26日的一则消息让人意外(详见《美国IDEAlliance终止与中国香港印刷科技研究中心APTEC的IDEAlliance-China项目合作》),一切来的那么突然,那么静悄悄。更让人意外的是,10月23日,IDEAlliance官方公布与中国印刷技术研究院(CAPT)建立iDEAlliance China项目,推广G7印刷认证工作:


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IDEAlliance And CAPT Partner To Expand IDEAlliance China

IDEAlliance and China Academy of Printing Technology Come Together in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau To Serve Existing Large-Scale Customer Base and Continue Tremendous Growth in the Region.

Alexandria, VA. (October 22, 2018)-IDEAlliance CEO Timothy Baechle emphasizes the organization’s fundamental commitment to serve Greater China where IDEAlliance has well been established for more than a decade. IDEAlliance China, in partnership with CAPT, extends the IDEAlliance footprint greatly through this region with (2) offices, one in Beijing and the other in Shenzhen. IDEAlliance is a non-profit industry think tank with (12) strategically located offices around the world. It is recognized by ISO as the industry’s foremost certifying body for competencies, systems, materials, and facilities and the world’s foremost contributor to ISO standards.

“IDEAlliance is tremendously invested and committed to Greater China and has been for well over a decade. We have always firmly believed in China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity of One China. Our commitment to China’s sovereignty and support of One China shows in our commitment to this region with the expansion of offices in mainland China and the Taiwan region to cover the vast market and territory of Greater China seamlessly (the division of business areas is purely from the perspective of business development, our business activities will not affect the sovereignty of Taiwan Region within the scope of one China), whilst offering incredible accessibility to IDEAlliance programs, specifications, and certifications in order to propel this region even further ahead. Our partnership with China Academy of Printing Technology provides a platform for extraordinary growth due to the size and coverage of CAPT and the exceptional colorimetric depth of knowledge of their staff,” says Baechle.

“CAPT has a staff of over 200 people with multiple offices throughout China. The alignment between IDEAlliance and CAPT is quite extraordinary, as they have expertise in every single printing technology within the industry, as well as labs such as Printing Process Research Center, Key Laboratory of Environmental Protection Technology for Printing Industry, and Beijing Key Laboratory of New Technology of Packaging & Printing, which not only align with IDEAlliance, but most certainly with the focus of Greater China initiatives on environmental protection.

CAPT also have a vast staff of dedicated color management personnel, a R&D facility, a Research Institute, multiple industry magazines covering every aspect of the printing and packaging industry and are key stake holders in the some of the foremost globally recognized trade events and symposiums in the world. The customers we serve in this region both currently and in the future are being supported by an extraordinarily talented and deeply knowledgeable organization, which will work under the name of IDEAlliance China in partnership with us in this incredible region. We could not be more grateful to find a partner like CAPT, led by Pengfei Zhao, President of CAPT and Chairman of Board of Keyin Media, who not only shares the same business vision, but also the same value system and many other characteristics, the similarities are truly remarkable. IDEAlliance China has a vast base of IDEAlliance G7® Experts, G7® Professionals and G7® Master Qualified Facilities in this region and we have put together a great plan to support these current customers, but also expand greatly due to the representation and knowledge base in the region,” notes Baechle.

“Our commitment to Greater China has never wavered, our commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of One China has also never wavered. IDEAlliance’ work around the world in certifications, standards, specifications, and other services we provide to the industry, especially our commitment to being physically present in-country is about finding partners, such as CAPT, that share our values, our vision, have extraordinary knowledge and bring the very best to a region. We are in the business of serving, moving companies forward, providing certifications, trainings and audits to the largest and best-in-class service providers and brands in the world. IDEAlliance China and our relationship with CAPT significantly moves the industry forward in Greater China,” Timothy Baechle, CEO IDEAlliance.

For information on IDEAlliance China, contact Jingtu Wu at or To learn more about IDEAlliance contact Timothy Baechle, CEO, at or (703) 837-1069.[/citem]


IDEAlliance携手CAPT推广IDEAlliance China项目

国际数码企业联盟(以下称:IDEAlliance)与中国印刷科技技术研究院(以下称:CAPT)走到一起,扩展IDEAlliance China,全面负责中国大陆、香港、澳门范围业务,并将致力于该区域内当前的大量客户服务以及持续市场增长。

IDEAlliance组织首席执行官Timothy Baechle声称该组织为服务了十多年的大中华区的基本承诺,即从2018年10月22日起,通过与CAPT携手合作成立IDEAlliance中国,以扩大该地区IDEAlliance的继续发展。其中包括(2)个办事处,一个在北京,另一个在深圳。 IDEAlliance是一家非营利性行业组织,在全球拥有(12)战略合作分支机构。它被ISO组织认为是行业最重要的能力,系统,物料和企业认证机构,也是ISO世界印刷标准的首要贡献者。



CAPT还拥有庞大的专业色彩管理人员、研发机构、研究所、行业杂志,涵盖印刷和包装行业的各个方面,是全球公认的一些重要的会展贸易活动和行业研讨会的主办方和组织方。“从今以后,我们在中国大陆、香港和澳门的客户将得到这样一个非常强有力的组织支持,该组织以IDEAlliance China的名义在大中华区开展工作。我们非常幸运能够找到像CAPT这样的合作伙伴,以赵鹏飞院长为代表的CAPT和科印传媒与IDEAlliance不但拥有相同的商业愿景,而且具有相同的卓越价值观和很多相似之处。IDEAlliance China在该地区拥有庞大的IDEAllianceG7®专家,G7®专业人员和G7®认证企业,我们不仅会制定了一个很好的计划来支持这些现有客户,而且由于其表现和水平,我们还可以更进一步扩展了该地区的G7推广。”Baechle如是说。

IDEAlliance CEO Tim最后说: “我们对大中华区的G7承诺从未动摇过,我们对一个中国的主权和领土完整的承诺也从未动摇过。 IDEAlliance在全球范围内为行业提供认证,标准,规范和其他方面服务,我们也一直希望于寻找与我们有共同价值观,共同愿景的合作伙伴,如CAPT,秉持非凡的背景和能力,可以为一个地区带来更好的提升。我们的业务是为世界上最大和最佳的服务提供商和品牌持有者提供认证,培训和审核服务,推动企业不断前进。




这一举措,或是技术深度合作,或是研究院的顺势推舟、借力用力来推广自己的C9,或是G7合作商的内部竞争(早些年获知武汉大学也在谈G7的国内合作),又或是IDEAlliance在利用中国“背景”的力量。我们无从获知,但是可以肯定的是,印刷G7认证在国内需求越来越大,iDEAlliance在印刷色彩管理的权威性也是越来越大。我们个人认为,香港APTEC对于IDEAlliance China项目的贡献是巨大的,没有其多年的推广,今日也不可能有如此推崇的G7和IDEAlliance,无论在国内和哪个机构合作,技术合作优先,但若涉及到恶性竞争,那便是随了老美的意了,因为本身此生意并不大,此举又何必。



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